RTO Success System


Dear RTO Professional,

Becoming the best at what you do professionally is not going to happen by chance, it is going to happen by choice, your choice. The first step in the process is to make a decision that you are going to do it and thereafter do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Becoming truly successful in RTO and in your personal life happens when you make a decision that it is going to happen.

After the decision is made and you commit to it, you now need a system. A daily routine that you follow, that allows you to control your day instead of your day controlling you. The RTO Success System shows you how to focus on your key result areas and gives you proven strategies to control your focus, take action, create the BIG MO (momentum) and produce positive results.

What this means in plain English, rather than having to endure 5-7 years to become an expert in RTO, in 5-7 months or less you will be that expert by following my system. In addition to that, rather than spending 40,000 per year for university training, you’ll spend just 297.00 for the entire system.

Jay Roberts has turned personal development and professional achievement in RTO into a step by step process that will help you, identify what you really want and what is keeping you from accomplishing it. His program is delivered is such a way where it is easy to understand and easy to learn.

If you are really serious about making a change in your life and becoming truly successful in RTO, this program is not a “should” it is a “must.” It all begins here. Click on the button below to take action or learn more about the program.

The RTO Trainer Success System includes both videos and PDF’s.

Disk One

1. RTO Sales Introduction: Begins with the definition of what a Success System is. The 3 requirements for Success in RTO, how change occurs and the 3 requirements for long lasting change. It also outlines the mathematical formula for success in RTO. It answers the tough question of “what it is all about.” It also reveals the RTO Game as well as other principles to follow to become successful in RTO.

2. RTO Sales System: Begins with the 4 key principles of dealing with other people and the AIDA Principle. The 3 opinions our customers and potential customers form upon entering our stores and how to assure those opinions are positive. The majority of this training is the 7 steps in the sales process in RTO which include the 6 biggest benefits of doing business with a RTO Company.

3. RTO Sales Summary: Summarizes the RTO Success System

4. RTO Taking the Rental Order: Techniques to follow when taking the Rental Order that will assure the Company will have the necessary tools to locate the customer if need be.

5. RTO Verifying the Rental Order: Techniques to follow when verifying the Rental Order learned over 3 decades in the RTO Industry.

Disk 2

1. RTO Collections where does it all begin? Is a summary of where the collection effort begins in the RTO Industry.

2. RTO Collections: Begins with the description of the Collection Mindset, Collection Tips and the 7 Steps in the Collection Process in RTO.

3. RTO Field Collections: Reveals the 2 additional steps in Field Collections and strategies for our field employees to follow while in the field.

4. RTO Collection Problems: Identifies Phones and Field related problems and how to avoid them. Also discusses Bankruptcies, Landlord Confiscation, Pawn Shops and other legal concerns in the RTO Industry.

5. RTO 21 Management Strategies and Techniques: The Top 21 Strategies and Techniques to follow that will assure the growth and success of your RTO Store.

PDF’s of the entire program is available on the DVD for you to save and print out for training purposes in the future.

Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product within 30 days of your receipt of the product and you will receive a full refund (less shipping and handling). Products will be accepted for refund only under the following circumstances;

1.         A Return item must include all product components in good condition.

2.         A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and your order number included.


Click here now or forever endure the frustration of trying to earn a living in RTO rather than living the life you were destined to live. Order the RTO Success System today to begin the journey of growing your business, improving your life and becoming one of the best in the RTO Industry.

Price: $297