Store Manager Skills

 12 Required Skills of a Store Manager in a RTO Store

Communications Skills

Do you want to be successful in you relationship with your Spouse, your Boss, your Customers and yourself? If the answer is yes, you must master communications with your Spouse, your Boss, your Customers and with yourself. We are all communicating 24/7/365. We are either communicating with someone else or we are communicating with ourselves. The communication process begins with you. Are you clear and concise in your communications with others? If you are not, you need to be.

The communication process has four elements.

1. The Sender of the message.

2. The Recipient of the Message.

3. The Message itself.

4. Finally it is the Senders responsibility to confirm that the message was received by the Recipient as it was intended.

Problems and Situations we deal with vs effective communications

At the end of the day take a few minutes to review your day and think about the problems and situations that arose today. Then ask yourself this question.

 “Would this problem have occurred in the event
I had communicated effectively prior?”

The answer to the above question will reveal to you why it is so vitally important for us to always communicate effectively.

When and if you ever get a “yes” answer, please let me know.

Presentation Skills

Everything is about presentation beginning with the display. How does it look? How does it smell? What type of atmosphere is being presented based on the music playing in the store? The answer to these questions is based on the customer’s own perception of our store. The customers use their senses to determine their perception. We are in control of the presentation of our stores.

How do you present the goals and objectives to your staff?

How is your sales talk-off? Is it perfect or does it need a little work?

How is your collection talk-off? Same question as above.

How do you present our Company when you talk to someone that has never been in our store before?

Everyone is watching… You are showing them what a good job looks like in your actions and mannerisms. The main message is the SOP on customer service. What message do you send to your employees?

Time Management Skills

Time is one of the things in our life that is more valuable than money.

Money can always be replaced but time wasted cannot. Manage it wisely.

There are three very important numbers in our business life. 9, 540 and 32,400. Our stores are open 9 hours, 540 minutes and 32,400 seconds every day. How effective and efficient we are is determined by how well we utilize our time.

Plan, Organize, Motivate, Delegate and Control

Plan your work and the work of your employees. Organize the work. Motivate yourself first and then your staff.

Off of your things to do list, delegate the work to your employees and then sit back and watch things happen. Spend time single-mindedly growing your customer base. Follow up on everything to assure it was completed above the standard.

Organizational Skills

We all have to send a message to everyone that we have it together. We must be pro-active versus re-active in the activities we engage in. The store is organized. Our day is organized and we are all working towards the accomplishment of the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves.  The activities are planned out in advance including what we are required to accomplish today. The field work is organized and there is a methodical approach to what we need to accomplish.

Customer Service Skills

Customer Service defined;

 “Increase their esteem and exceed their expectations,

every time, every day and in every way.”

Our customers are not interruptions to all the work we have to do; they are the reason for the work. We are all here to serve them. They pay our paychecks. Perform each task as if your livelihood depends on it, because it does.

Leadership Skills

Everything rises and falls on leadership. The one word definition of leadership is influence. We all influence someone everyday. The real question is in what way you influenced that individual? Was it prompting them to positive action or not?

Listening Skills

All people hear but few people listen. Most people simply wait for their turn to talk compared to really listening. When you really listen to someone you are sending the message that you really care about them and what they are saying.

Management Skills

Plan, Organize, Motivate, Delegate and Control is the foundation of management. You have to make sure that all five are being done everyday.

Management defined is: “Getting results through others.”

The word “things” are the tasks that must be accomplished today. Plan the work, Organize the work, Motivate your staff, Delegate the task and then watch the successful completion of the task. The task has been taken to fruition when you have followed up and confirmed it was done to your satisfaction.

Delegation Skills

We must identify exactly what it is we want to accomplish today. Write it down. “What gets written down gets done.” Then we must identify who I going to do it. Delegate the task. Be sure the employee understands exactly what a good job looks like and commits to the accomplishment of the task.

Management by exception is my favorite concept to apply in the operation of a store. When you mutually agree on the timeframe that the task will be accomplished, you can put it out of your mind. In the event for some reason the task is not going to be accomplished as agreed, the employee must come to you with that information as soon as it is identified.

The 3 D’s in becoming a Task-Master.

Do it

Delegate it

Dump It

Motivational Skills

There are many different opinions about the concept of motivation. One could say about another that he is a very motivating person. The flipside is that one person cannot motivate another; however they can remove some barriers that exist between their ears that will allow them to motivate themselves.

Teaching Skills

Since the beginning of time we have all learned the same way. Observation, Imitation and Repetition. All people learn with their eyes, ears or by doing.

 “Repetition is the mother of skill

and discipline is the father.”

Skill is what separates the person that makes $20,000.00 per year and the person that makes $120,000.00 per year. Our skill set is the reason we make the money we make. How do I make more money? Become better at what you do.

 “Study, Learn and Teach.”

 We first must study to learn all aspects of the industry we are in and thereafter teach the people that we surround ourselves with to make them ore effective and efficient at what we do.

 “When we get better things will get better.”

 “When we improve ourselves then the circumstances in our lives will improve.”

 “It is not what you know, it is what you do,

but what you do, must be based on what you know.”

 “Therefore learn all there is to know and then

choose your own path.”

 Adaptation Skills

The only inevitable truth in the world is everything is constantly changing.

If we are not changing with it then we will be left behind. I like the USMC motto.

 “We must adapt, improvise and overcome.”


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Jay Roberts is a Consultant, Trainer and Coach in the Rent to Own industry. He began his rental career in 1981 as an Account Manager in Houston, Texas for an independent rental dealer that had two stores.
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